What is BuckAmber?

While metal detecting the shores on Long Island, NY I have always seen little beads coming out of the ocean. In 1996, I became inquisitive and started to investigate what they could be. They are not shells, sand, seaweed, pebbles or anything else associated with beaches. I have paid for many different tests, plus some that were voluntarily done by interested professionals, all give clues as to what BuckAmber really is.  

All tests have been conclusive in showing that it is polyethylene. But due to further microscopic observations in which identify pollen, plants, spores and other inclusions, it is my conclusion that this is natural polyethylene seeds with facinating fossillized inclusions, from extinct plants.

The FIRST NATURAL POLYETHYLENE discovered on earth.

It is my thought that this maybe a contributor to the origin of the angiosperms that scientists have been trying to uncover. BuckAmber's colors are diverse and their ancient original inclusions are embedded as the plant made them.

Review my journey on investigating this natural wonder............

                                                     James Buchholz

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