What is a Belemnoid?

2/5/98 - Dr. Ryan, of Hofstra College, was good enough to make a FTIR Test on a piece of a suedo fossil of a Belemnoid, an ancient extinct squid, 11" long, 5" high, that came ashore after a storm on a beach, along with sea-grass and many Buckamber. It has designs on it, I thought were scales, but was told by a professor that it was a phragmocone - a skeleton of it, which grew on the outside of the body way back then. I took it to a medical building nearby, and they were good enough to xray it. You can see the guard and the y that is connected to the guard that goes into the tail for steering. The broken part of the guard has the Y attached, opposite what books say. Here is the FTIR test, plus pictures of it. There is tentacles withdrawn at one end, and the tail at the other.

Tests show polyethelene polymer with titanium dioxide pigament. Also here is a chemical analysis of it, but there are other chemicals in it as well.





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