7/6/10 - Herb Weiss and I had a meeting at Stony Brook University. He is Research Coordinator at South Side High School, Rockville Center, NY. Prof. Rafailovich suggested he talk to me to get the story on BA. He wants to give his kids a project on it. I told him alot and he was very interested. I told Dr. Weiss I discovered BuckAmber for what it really is, and named it. He said he wouldn't try and steal my thunder, but I have to look out for younger scientists looking to make a name for themselves. He asked if I would like to take him, another teacher and 8 - 10 students to the beach to collect BA. I agreed. We went on 7/16/10. The students got hundreds of BA. Dr. Weiss asked if I would like to go to the class and see what the kids are doing. I agreed. On 8/2/10 I brought BA with great inclusions to show the class. There was only 4 kids there and they were in a different room than Dr. Weiss. He didn't have all that was necessary to see inclusions, but I did show some. One boy saw them good. Dr. Weiss invited me to join him, 2 other professors, 2 parents and 14 students to go to Lido Beach to look for BA. He also stated his daughter would meet us there as she was very interested in my BA project. I met her and she was very nice. I was informed that she would
be taking BA to college in Louisiana for they have  great research capabilities there. I'd like to see the test results. We didn't have any luck trying to find BA on Lido Beach. But it could be that day there just wasn't any. That's the way it is looking for BA......FEAST or FAMINE. 
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