6/6/05 - Prof. Rafailovich sent me to Stony brook Hospital, NY to see Dr. Greg Rudomen, who looked at 5 inclusions in BA - the triad pollen that other people saw, plus plant inclusions and put them on tape. I was ready to give him more, but something went wrong with the machinery and he had to quit. It would have been great to get them on tape.

6/8/05 - Went to The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History to see Dr. Looy and Dr. Carol Hotton, both experts in pollen. They asked if I could leave some BA with them. I said I would. They looked at about 6 and said that they couldn't see anything. I showed how I learned the best way to see them, and they agreed to do it as showed. They saw them perfectly. I said I'll leave you some. They said that it wont be necessary. I thought that to be strange, until I wanted to put away the 6 pieces and could only find 4. My best pieces, the triad pollen, and pollen tube, were missing. I looked all over with no luck. On my way out, I said, if you find them, please give me a call. Dr. Looy called me the next day, saying they couldn't find them. 

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