3/30/04 - Saw Debra Willard at the U.S.G.S. Virginia. She saw the pollen and couldn't believe the size of the triad. She looked at spores and said "spores don't come up like these." I said, "everything here is a lot older than what you are used to looking at." She had 5 other scientists come and look. All were amazed and puzzled. I left about 30 pollen, 30 spores, 30 plant inclusions in BA, plus about 100 with no inclusions with them. Debra sent some with spores to Baylor University in Texas to be tested by the S.E.M. Pictures show spores with sculptured walls. Debra stated that these were bubbles but the matrix pulls cleanly away from them (she said that one is "interesting") She never said one word about the pollen and plant inclusions that she and all the other scientists were so interested in when I first met them. I appreciate the work Debra and the scientists at Baylor did for me.




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