12/13/04 - Saw Miriam Rafialovich at Garcia Center, Stony Brook University, NY. Told her all about Buckamber. She was interested and will have students work on it. They did a lot of tests and also entered the Seimen's Competition showing pollution of the ocean with plastics. I told them about BA being the first natural polyethylene ever found on earth, in a classroom, and I brought them to the beach to actually pick some up.



5/9/05  - I brought my stereoscope and testing equipment and 20 Buckambers with great inclusions to Stony Brook University to show Dr. Gu. He saw all of them. I said, "no man made Polyethylene would have these in them." He agreed with me.  I left 11 Buckamber with great inclusions with him. Plus he wanted two clear, like glass, Buckambers to test as well. He couldn't find what they were. Sometime later he left Stony Brook University and I never saw him or my material again. I was really sorry for his departure for he was very interested and I think he would of helped me tremendously.

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